09:00 Registration
10:00 Open Ceremony
10:30 Keynote speaker – LUIGI FERRARA 
Design After Design: Creating a Wisdom Economy Through Generative and Collaborative Design Practice
11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Session 1
CULTURE AND HERITAGE | Chair: Helena Souto
Generative design: experimentation on identity signs analyzed in the Portuguese tourism posters from 1934-2014
12:15 Synthesis of the Arts: The Project of Architecture in its Relation with the Process of Design. Carlos Tojal, Manuel Moreira and Carlos Roxo (1960-1974): Multiplano, a case study
12:30 Design Culture, Animation and Storytelling
12:45 Paper is not dead. The value of sketchbook
13:00 Free lunch
15:00 Keynote speaker – PEKKA KORVENMAA
Design research, doctoral education and national policies of design. Case: Finland 1995 to the present
16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Session 2
THEORY, RESEARCH AND METHODS | Chair: António Cruz Rodrigues
Communicating to Generation Y: new communication channels in cultural events
16:45 Design Thinking Canvas methodology: using canvas with cards to innovative artifact design
17:00 Branding and Rebranding in contemporary age
17:15 Emotion and Mood in Design Thinking
17:30 Power to the Users – Meta-Design Approaches and Visualizing Participation towards Change
17:45 Evolutionary design – a proposal for the conceptual model
18:00 Digital Color Conversion with ICC Profiles in Skin Tones: the Color Mapping Algorithms




09:00 Registration
10:00 Keynote speaker – HENRI CHRISTIAANS
Future trends in Design & Technology
11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Session 3
Coworking: Open and Informal Design Classroom
11:45 Basic Design meets Virtual Reality: a tentative methodology
12:00 Strategies for Managing Change in Digital Products for Healthcare systems
12:15 iTV Gaze-based Interaction Framework Design
12:30 Gamification for Hand Hygiene
13:00 Free lunch
15:00 Keynote speaker – RAJKO MURŠIČ
Applied Anthropology, Industrial and Business Anthropology, and Design Anthropology: Varieties of Ethnographic Methodology for Designing Future
16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Session 4
Sustainability and Design Thinking Canvas: the use of green factor cards to influence students to have more sustainable ideas
16:45 REGIONS and THIRD PLACES. Explorations of (new) economic evolutions: its potential as an organizational prototype, an agent of development, and the factor of scale
17:00 Collaborative design methodologies empowers resilience of communities
17:15 Design and anthropology in collaboration: (example of the project) The Give a Shit Project
17:30 An ontology for conceptual design automation within agile projects
18:00 Launch of the book: “Que Coisa é o Design?” & Closing ceremony