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1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design, Senses and Sensibility in Technology

The 1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design, Senses and Sensibility in Technology - Linking Tradition to Innovation through Design, 25-26 September 2003 in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by ESD (Design School) and UNIDCOM (Communication and Design Research Centre) from IADE - Visual Arts, Design and Marketing Institute became the platform for designers, educators, researchers, professionals, graduate students, industrialists and businessmen to present cogent views on the present and future state of Design.

ANNOUNCEMENT :: 2nd International Meeting, PRIDE AND PRE-DESIGN :: 2005

It's the moment to announce the 2nd International Meeting, PRIDE AND PRE-DESIGN, The Cultural Heritage and the Science of Design, is going to be held on 26 - 29 May, 2005, and will be a part of Cumulus General Assembly, Lisbon 2005, hosted by ESD/IADE and UNIDCOM/IADE.

The scope of the conference is to evaluate the links between the cultural heritage and the projectual culture. It will be focused on rewriting the idea of Material Culture. This concept, discharged from its materialist stigmata, is useful to understand broad frameworks that links Science, Art and Design.

One of the major results of “Senses & Sensibility” meeting was that people using different methodologies from sciences, engineering and design found numerous platforms in which they could talk about related issues. With P&P we aim to gather, also, artists and historians to this group. Although this is a fact, we are interested, mostly, on the contemporary use of cultural heritage. Findings about what was the real author of a particular sculpture the mausoleum of an obscure rich man from Braga in the XVIII Century or what was Caravaggio last meal are not recommended.

The scope of the meeting is to show and discuss how the design sciences are linked (directly or indirectly) to each one’s cultural heritage, from artefacts or science knowledge to works of art.
We also remind you that cultural heritage starts yesterday and discussions on relations between contemporary art and design are welcome.

In short, we are focused in culture, material culture, or even e-material culture for which the cultural heritage is the knowledgeable starting point.

The Papers will be addressed to the following themes:

Full Frontal Nudity - inside the work of art. Artefacts and works of Art. Hidden frameworks similarity.

Still Life - changeability and stillness in art and design. The process and the history of processes.

Landscope - showing and preserving Cultural Heritage. Technology and strategies of Design for the continuous rebirth of Cultural Heritage.

2nd International Meeting, PRIDE AND PRE-DESIGN,
The Cultural Heritage and the Science of Design

26 - 29 May, 2005

Important Dates

November 1st, 2004: Halloween's extension for abstracts submission.
November 11th 2004: St. Martin's notification of abstract acceptance.
January 1st, 2005: New Year's submission of full papers.
February 14th, 2005: Valentine's notification of full papers acceptance.
March 21st, 2005: Spring submission of reviewed full papers (IADE's day).
May 1st, 2005: Workers Day's registration, deadline for authors and early birds.

2003 :: 1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design, Senses and Sensibility in Technology

The 1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design, Senses and Sensibility in Technology– Linking Tradition to Innovation Through Design, is going to be held on 25-26 September at the IADE – Visual Arts, Design and Marketing Institute in Lisbon, Portugal.

Please see the information below:

Table of Contents

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Conference Topics
List of accepted papers
Instruction for Authors
Important dates
Honour Committee
Scientific Committee
Conference Chairs
Organizing Committee
Registration Instructions
Traveling and accommodation information
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This conference is a consequence of the research work, developed by the UNIDCOM (Communication and Design Research Centre) and Design School from IADE - Visual Arts, Design and Marketing Institute of Lisbon, Portugal. It is designed to be a major forum for the Scientific exchange of multi-disciplinary and inter-organisational aspects of science and technology of Design areas.

Innovation and Tradition can be regarded as the buzzwords of current design practice, research and education. It is no longer sufficient to design good products or services; we must think about the value of objects.

For Design Business of, this means that effectively managing the interface among individuals, groups, and technologies is a fundamental challenge: How can we link Tradition to Innovation through Design? These and many other questions concerning the relationship between product design and the human experience will be addressed and discussed at the 1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design, in Lisbon.

Designers, researchers, professionals, students, industrialists and businessmen from all over the world are invited to contribute to this event.

The conference will take place at the Pombal Palace, the cultural center of IADE.

Conference Topics

We call for papers in all areas consistent with the conference themes:

Emerging Design; Surfing Tradition
Sustainable Design; Technology below Surface
New Materials, Tools and Methods - Material Culture vs The Cult of Materials
Making Sense with Design; Design for the Senses

Contributions are welcome in both theoretical development and practical implementation in all areas involving Design.

Instruction for Authors

Final version of the accepted papers: authors are asked to submit electronic versions of original papers. The length of each paper should not exceed 6 two columns, single spaced A4 pages (please do not use the US letter paper size). Each paper should follow the formatting guidelines: the cover page should contain the title, the author's name, affiliation, address and e-mail address, as well as a brief abstract and five keywords. Detailed formatting instructions can be found in the following documents:

Adobe PDF example [26k] (requires Acrobat Reader or compatible to view file)

Microsoft Word template [57k]

To submit your final paper, prepare either a PostScript or a PDF camera ready version of the paper, attach it to an e-mail message, and send it to Please indicate in the subject line that you are submitting a paper to the 1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design in Lisbon (September 2003), and put in the body of the message the following information: title of the paper, authors and respective affiliations, and the full address and e-mail of the corresponding author. If you are resubmitting a paper, please state that fact. As your e-mail message will be processed manually, please wait one of two days for electronic confirmation of the reception of the paper.

Full papers will be field of research double blind refereed. All papers will be included in conference proceedings - made available to delegates attending the conference.

Important Dates

Submission of Abstracts: April 21, 2003 (Since the dead-line for submission of abstracts coincided with the Easter Monday we are extending it till the 28th of April)
Final Version of Full Papers: June 9, 2003
Notification of acceptance: July 23, 2003

Honour Committee

President of the Portuguese Republic
Jorge Sampaio
Minister for Science and Higher Education
Pedro Augusto Lynce de Faria
Mayor of the City of Lisbon
Pedro Santana Lopes
President of Science and Technology Foundation
Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro
President of Portuguese Industrial Association
Jorge Rocha de Matos

President of Portuguese Design Centre
Pedro Brandão
Design School of IADE
Rafael Calado

Scientific Committee

Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues, IADE-ESD, Portugal
Manuel Cadafaz de Matos, IADE-ESD, Portugal
Eduardo Côrte-Real, IADE-ESD, Portugal
Yrjo Sotamaa, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland
João Caraça, Fundação Gulbenkian, Portugal
Susanne Lengyel, University of Essen, Germany
Eloy Fassi Casagrande Junior, CEFET, Brasil
Libia Patricia Peralta Agudelo, CEFET, Brasil
Juan Maestre Alfonso, Universidade de Sevilha, Spain
Sergio Correa, ELISAVA, Spain
Luís Carrilho Gonçalves, UBI, Portugal
Constança Peneda, INETI, Portugal
Tessaleno Devesas UBI, Portugal
Francisco Rebelo, Faculdade de Motricidade Humana da UTL, Portugal
Manuel Collares Pereira, INETI, Portugal
Carlos Manuel Pereira Cabrita, UBI, Portugal
Jorge Bacelar, UBI e IADE-ESD, Portugal
Denis Alves Coelho UBI, Portugal
António Manuel Brandão Osório, INETI, Portugal
António Torres Marques, Departamento de Mecânica da FEUP, Portugal
Paulo Cunha e Silva, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Paulo Bártolo, ESTG, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal
Manuel Mira Godinho, ISEG, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal
João Alexandre Leite, Dep. de Informatica-CENTRIA, UNL, Portugal
Maria Milano, ESAD, Portugal
Fátima Pombo, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Aurora Carapinha, Universidade de Évora, Portugal

Conference Chairs

Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues
Head of the Communication and Design
Research Centre
Av. D. Carlos I, nº 4, 1200-649, Lisbon
Tel.: +351 213 939 600
Fax.: +351 213 978 561

Carlos Duarte
Executive Director of UNIDCOM
Av. D. Carlos I, nº 4, 1200-649, Lisbon
Tel.: +351 213 939 600
Fax.: +351 213 978 561

Eduardo Côrte-Real
President of Design School
of the IADE

Av. D. Carlos I, nº 4, 1200-649,
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel.: +351 213 939 600
Fax.: +351 213 978 561

Secretariat General:

Maria José Lima

Andrew Pauncefort

Organizing Committee

António Roquette Ferro, Director-General of the
Institute for Visual Arts, Design and Marketing (IADE)

Joaquim Marujo
João Miranda
José Bártolo
Cecília Eiró
Rodrigo Cunha

Vítor Simões
Diamantino Abreu
Teresa Rosas
Carlos Barbosa
Martim Lapa
Paula Naia
Susana Pereira
Alexandre Magalhães
Registration Instructions

To register, fill out the registration form (PDF [121 KB], or DOC [49 KB]), and send it (with payment) by air mail to the address (also indicated in the registration form).

1st International Meeting of Science and Technology of Design

Before August 22th
After August, 22th
Speakers, IADE community (students and teachers)


Other students and companies*
Close Dinner: €40
* with + 5 registrations
Traveling and accommodation information

Useful information about Lisbon.
Lisbon Weather
Lisbon Map and visitor information
Images of Lisbon


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Microsoft Word article template [57k]


For further information/details, contact the conference secretariat at:

Av. D. Carlos I, 4
1200-649 Lisboa, Portugal
Secretariat General:

Maria Josť Lima

Andrew Pauncefort
Email: | | telf: +351-213 93 96 00 | fax: +351-213 97 85 61
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Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
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