2009 IADE Conference

40 IADE 40

from 1969 to 2049


1,2,3 October 2009

and Doctoral Tactics Workshop

30 September 2009

Registration forms and dates:

All participants must please fill in the following registration form, and then post/email or fax it to the conference's Assistant Content Management Coordinator, Lara Maia Reis.

Details, fees and addresses can be found on the form itself.

As far as the registration periods are concerned:

. The early bird registration period commences on the 18th of June 2009, and closes on the 30th of July 2009; its fee being 300€ (this amount includes the following pack: publication of proposal in the proceedings book; the actual proceeding's book; the conference programme; merchandising; welcome cocktail/reception with live music on Wednesday, the 30th of September; refreshments, coffee and tea, in between sessions and on all three days; lunch on Thursday, the 1st of October; and finally, lunch, a Gala dinner and a Farewell Party/Creative Drinking on Friday, the 2nd of October).

. The late registration period commences on the 31st of July 2009, and closes on the 10th of September 2009; its fee being 400€ (this amount includes the same pack referred to above).

NOTE: Delegates who wish to have their proposals published in the conference's proceedings book must register and pay the final fees until the 25th of August 2009, the latest.


Open Registration Form pdf...




Important dates:

. Solstice Call for Participations: 22 June 2008

. Equinox Submissions of Papers starts: 22 September 2008

. Saturnalia Deadline for Submission of Papers: 23 December 2008

. March Equinox Notification Starts: 23 March 2009


. Early Bird Registration Period commences: 18 June 2009

. Early Bird Registration Period ends: 30 July 2009


. Late Registration Period commences: 31 July 2009

. Late Registration Period ends: 10 September 2008

. Deadline for receipt of proposals: 30 June 2009

. Deadline for speakers to register for publication of proposals in the conference's proceedings book: 25 August 2009


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