2011 IADE Conference

Senses & Sensibility in Lisbon

Design, Marketing, Advertising, Photography and Visual Culture in the right place


6th to 8th October 2011

and Drawing Research Network Conference

5 October 2011

Submission/participation instructions:


Until February 6th 2011

send us an abstract up to 400 words. The text, in an attached document MSWord, must be send to the person in charge for the panel you chose to be in. In the email please write your affiliation and a short bio up to five lines. The panel chair will distribute your paper with no identification to two of the scientific committee for evaluation.


Until March 6th 2011

you will receive the result of the evaluation. If the abstract was accepted it means that you may present your paper at the conference and your abstract will be published in the proceedings book. If you want to have your full paper published then you must proceed. Therefore you must state your interest to your chair that will send you back a template for writing or paste your paper.


Until April 6th 2011

if you want your full paper published in the proceedings book, send to the chair you have send your abstract the paper in an attached MSWord document accordingly to the template you received up to 6000 words. Pictures are welcome - up to 4 - in separate files JPEG 300dpi. You are responsible for using an academic style of your choice with coherence.

Until June 6th 2011

we will notify you about the acceptance, rejection or acceptance with reviewing suggestions. You can register then.

August 6th 2011

is the final day for accepting material for publication! Also the Early bird period for registration ends.

October 6th 2011

the conference starts. If you are a PhD student certified by your university you may not pay the conference fee.


The chairs' emails are:


PRINCIPIA: eduardo.corte-real@iade.pt

THE Sense of DRAWING: eduardo.corte-real@iade.pt


THE Sense of MARKETING: antonio.gama@iade.pt


COLOUR Sensibility to: margarida.gamito@iade.pt


THE Sense & Sensibility of ERGONOMICS IN DESIGN: emilia.duarte@iade.pt


Sensibility for DESIGN, SOCIAL BUSINESS & CHANGE: ana.margarida.ferreira@iade.pt



THE sense of RESEARCH & TEACHING IN MARKETING & ADVERTISING: jose.ferro.camacho@iade.pt