Research Unit in Design and Communication
UNIDCOM/IADE - Research Unit in Design and Communication - Scientific Production

Scientific Production

UNIDCOM/IADE is composed of four major research groups, which support a flexible structure, constituting other transversal groups, according to contracted projects. These research groups organize the activity as follows:

1. Mapping Design - History, products, culture and identity.

This research group brings together scientific research in the field of the Unit’s Design Studies that can support the development of the IADE-U’s doctoral studies providing critical structures and a cultural mind set to the students. The group is set on a research Unit focused on experimentation, application, and action, for which this group provides a reflexive research capable of positioning our actions in a time line as well as understanding our contemporary role. The outcome of this research group will contribute to the knowledge and dissemination on Portuguese Design Culture translated into systematic information about the main actors, products and methods, as well as on the ability or difficulties of the industry and cultural institutions to understand, support and materialize the design products. Therefore, a strong contribution to the visibility of Portuguese Design Culture and to the development of design studies and of critics, thereby concurring to achieve the strategic goals of the research Unit.



2. ID:Co.Lab - Collaborative Research for Design and Sustainable Innovation.

It is an applied research group that uses creative methods and explores collaborative and user-centered design processes to generate sustainable innovation mainly for the production of cultural and creative industries. The group activities are directly related with IADE-U’s academic activities and objectives as well as with its social responsibility. It aims at linking research, creativity, innovation and other production management activities, for social entrepreneurship and change, contributing to emergence of the knowledge economy and sustained growth based on the unique characteristics of the Portuguese historical and cultural heritage.


3. IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION - Holistic Multidimensional System for Innovation Focused Businesses and Territorial Development

This is a research group of cross and multi-disciplinary nature, mainly of design, marketing and business management, communication, psychosociology, anthropology, engineering and statistics, that is a fully operational unit and a systemic aggregator, with validated applications fully oriented to their research goals and established scientific topic lines. Focused on methods of experimental and empirical research, its main purpose is the transfer of knowledge to the market, with a special focus on SMEs development and qualification. 


4. UX.Project[On] - User Experience Design Research.

The focus of this group is to study User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design subjects, according to the User Centered Design approach, aiming to understand, optimize and bridging the gap of the interaction between humans and digital technology, and to pursuit innovation in the development of new interactive solutions and design methods. This team constitutes a cross-disciplinary consortium involving several areas: design, human factors and ergonomics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, pedagogy, engineering, mathematics, architecture. Additionally, many of our research topics involve corporate partners, therefore benefiting from expertise, infrastructure and facilities to conduct effective research and production programmes. The UX.Project [On]’s research group has several topic modules: (1) Smart Places; (2) Safety & Health; (3) Cultural Identity & Heritage; (4) Intergenerational & Inclusive Design; (5) Digital Education/ Entertainment Experiences; (6) Gamification; (7) National security; (8) Digital Future.













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