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The scientific production of UNIDCOM / IADE has been recorded since its inception, in the passage from the twentieth to the twenty-first century, in 2000, according to categories established by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology). Therefore, the register is broken down into two phases. From the year 2008, the record is grouped as production of each of its four teams, corresponding to the work of researchers who comprise, according to the following categories:


Publications in peer reviewed journals and/or other publications.

Completed PhD theses.

Patents and prototypes or other outputs.

Books and book chapters of international circulation.

Conference proceedings.

Books, including singled-authored works (including scholarly editions of oral or writeen texts and translations with introduction and commentary).

New materials, devices, products and processes.

Software, computer code and algorithms.

Edited special issues of journals, with substancial research input on the pat of the researcher.

Chapters in books, including contributions to conference proceedings, essays in collections.

Other categories, including web-based resources, video and audio recordings (to the extent that they embody research).

Performances and exhibitions to the extent that they embody research

Encyclopedia entries (to the extent that they embody research).

Other research outputs.

Research contracts with national or international entities.

Organisation of scientific dissemination activities.

Projects funded in national and international competitive calls.


The production of the members of the Unit that from that year are not part of the new groups, as well as the listing of jobs
prior to 2007 lies itemized separately as scientific production, identified the "First Phase" tab, respecting categories:


Papers published in International Journals.
Papers published in National Journals.
Communications in International Scientific Congresses.
Communications in National Scientific Congresses.






















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