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UNIDCOM/IADE - Unidade de Investigação em Design e Comunicação - Produção Científica


As principais realizações dos grupos da UNIDCOM/IADE's no período de 2008/2012 são as seguintes:

Criação e acreditação do programa de doutoramento do IADE-U em 2012.

Financiamento e início do projeto da FCT PTDC/EAT-HAT/121601/2010: Design em Portugal (1960-1974): acções, intervenientes e repercussões do Núcleo de Arte e Arquitectura Industrial e do Núcleo de Design Industrial do Instituto Nacional de Investigação Industrial (I.N.I.I.) [Design in Portugal (1960 - 1974): the actions, actors and repercussions of the Art, Industrial Architecture and Industrial Design Nucleio f the National Institute of Industrial Reasearch (I.N.I.I.). Conclusion of FCT project PDCT/EAT/62330/2004 - "Análise do Papel Multidisciplinar do Desenho na Cultura Visual Portuguesa do Século XX dos Anos 50 aos anos 70" [The Multidisciplinary Role of Drawing in the Twentieth Century Portuguese Visual Culture (1950's - 1970's)"], 2006/2008.

R&D and Social Entrepreneurship Project (2011-12)"ACADEMY UBUNTU: I am because you are - graphic design identity of the 18 projects of social entrepreneurship". Ubuntu Social Incubator, this program is developed by IPAV - Instituto Padre António Vieira, a Portuguese NGO, sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and with the support of the Center for the Study of the Peoples of the Portuguese-Speaking Cultures (CEPCEP) from Portuguese Catholic University, the consultant Everis, IADE - Creative University and Coworklisboa.

R&D Project (2009) "Promotion of Avieira Culture to National Heritage and to immaterial heritage of UNESCO. Initiative approved under the QREN/ PROVERE. Consortium IADE-U/NDS and institutional entities - Sailing Association's Nations Park Marina, Marine Museum, Architects Without Borders - Portugal, Ecomuseu Seixal, Museum of Benavente, the Canavarro Steps Foundation, Association Palhota Live and Anchor Publishing - universities - University of Aveiro, University of Beira Interior, University of Minho, Tomar Polytechnic Institute, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, and Business Entities - river tourism, hotels and restaurants, and local and Municipal entities.

Holistic Multidimensional System for Innovation Focused Businesses and Territories - Alvito - Start Date : 06/01/2010
End Date : 26-06.2011 Funding : 25,000 euro Proponent Entity: Municipality of Alvito Participating Institutions :

SANTA CASA - Tradition shoe polishers Start Date :20 -01- 2011 Date Finished : 20/06/2012 Funding Granted :
22,100 euros Proponent Entity : Holy House of Mercy LISBON - DEES - Department of Economics and Social
Entrepreneurship Participating Institutions : NDS Nucleo Design for Sustainability.

MONS VUE SUR - Branding in co -creation Passive Houses developers Start Date : 10/03/2012 End Date : 15/10/2013 Funding Granted : VUE SUR MONS (Belgian Company) 20,000 Euros Proponent : VUE SUR MONS Institutions participating: Company Give U Art and UNIDCOM/IADE.

Holistic Multidimensional System for Innovation Focused Businesses and Territories - Viana do Alentejo Start Date: 01/09/2011 End Date : 01/09/2012 Funding Granted : 15,000 euros Proponent Entity: Municipality of Viana do Alentejo Participating Institutions: UNIDCOM/IADE.

HANDERSTAND: a research project, in protocol with the Portuguese State General Health Department (DGS), entitled HANDERSTAND, which aimed to design and validate posters and information brochures to be used on the Portuguese Healthcare Hand Hygiene National Campaign, in accordance with the WHO instructions and regulations.


P. MOBMAPS - Model method and a device for evaluating the mobility / accessibility in urban areas, 2011. Provisional patents.

IADE-UX.Lab: Constitution of a new Laboratory among IADE's other facilities, dedicated to study User Experience - IADE-UX.Lab.

LIVE - Visual Information and Eye-tracking unit: Reopening and improvement of the Eye-tracking unit - LIVE.


5th International Senses & Sensibility Conference UNIDCOM/IADE to celebrate 40 IADE Anniversary, Lisboa, 1 a 3 Outubro 2009.

6th International Conference Senses & Sensibility UNIDCOM/IADE - in Lisbon: Advertising, Design, Fashion,
Marketing, Photography and Visual Culture, Lisboa, 6 a 8 Outubro 2011.










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